What are the benefits of bathroom pods in student accommodation?

Modular pods are fully functioning bathrooms, with their main advantage being that they are designed and built off-site. Incredibly useful across all sectors, including education, leisure and commercial environments; each unit is supplied with all the necessary fixtures, fittings and accessories. Once they arrive on-site, they are quick and easy to install, being pre-plumbed for the necessary fitments and sanitary ware.

This makes bathroom pods perfect for student accommodation blocks , while shower pods might also be suitable for student housing .

Let’s take a closer look at why you should use the modular shower or bathroom pods when undertaking a bathroom construction or refurbishment project for university student accommodation.

Save on the cost of student accommodation bathrooms

Modular bathrooms save on resources and materials, with less wastage during manufacture and because they can be produced at scale from precise designs, they will save larger construction projects time and money. This is particularly beneficial when working on a project that requires refurbishment of an entire block of accommodation as accuracy is guaranteed and costs are minimised. Being durable and leak-free, cleaning is minimised and maintenance, that is usually required for traditional tile and grout bathrooms, is eradicated, therefore ensuring ongoing cost savings.

Save time on student accommodation refurbishment projects

Since they are prefabricated offsite, bathroom pods can be installed in situ quickly, greatly reducing onsite building time compared to traditional bathrooms. For universities, this quick turnaround time is key as accommodation refurbishment can only be done when students have vacated during the holiday periods – which means set periods and limited timescales. If the work overruns into term time, it’s likely you’ll be displacing students from their accommodation into temporary alternatives, which can be disruptive and unsettling for them and costly for you.

Eco-friendly bathroom pods for student accommodation

Thanks to the streamlined manufacturing process, the amount of waste generated during production is reduced, which is excellent for businesses and contractors looking to improve their environmental footprint. im电竞 modular shower and bathroom pods are manufactured from 100% recyclable polypropylene using both virgin and recycled material so ideal for universities striving to lessen their impact on the environment.

Higher quality student accommodation bathroom pods

There is greater control over the manufacturing process when bathroom pods are produced to precise designs in a factory, which is an organised and clean environment, resulting in a higher quality product with fewer defects. Being durable and reliable, product longevity supports prefabricated pods being a green alternative to traditional build methods, as maintenance is greatly reduced and additional materials for replacements are not needed.

Our process means we’re also able to provide bespoke shower cubicles for student accommodation .

Being functional and watertight but with aesthetics not compromised, these are sustainable showering solutions for high-use environments, which is particularly important for universities, because there are hundreds of students expecting good quality accommodation and bathrooms when they move in and estates facilities, teams, wanting hassle-free solutions.

As we offer design flexibility, volume versatility, watertight, recyclable and sustainable modular bathroom solutions, suitable for all sectors, contact us to discuss bathroom pods for student accommodation.

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