Bathroom pods are not only a more cost-effective way of fitting bathrooms: they are also eco-friendly and sustainable. We explain why bathroom pods are the sustainable choice for everyone.

Bathroom pods are reusable

Bathroom pods are self-contained, modular bathrooms. Thanks to this design, they can be dropped into any premises that require a bathroom space. Therefore if a bathroom pod is used in a temporary home, say a pop-up home or for a festival, they can be reused again elsewhere.

Bathroom pods are energy efficient

As there is a reduction in energy consumed during the lean modular manufacturing techniques and less energy usage for heating once installed due to the pods providing thermal insulation, bathroom pods are very energy efficient. Additionally, accessories and fittings are often chosen with low water and energy consumption, making the pods as a whole, even more efficient.

Offsite construction is more sustainable

One of the great advantages of bathroom pods is that they are built offsite. This makes installation easy, but another plus is that the pre-fabrication process uses less raw materials due to design precision. Therefore wastage is reduced compared to traditional on-site bathroom constructions.

Bathroom pods create less material waste

The modular design of bathroom pods creates overall less material waste. The lean production techniques used in the build phase and the improved quality control that offsite build enable, reduces waste levels in the factory to a low level. In addition, the weld and join technology facilitates a leak free product with no cracked tiles, grout or mouldy sealant to replace, meaning less waste in the term too.

Less cleaning and maintenance once installed

The self-contained design also means less cleaning and maintenance once the bathroom is installed. The pods are resistant to mould and bacterial growth and therefore cleaning and maintenance is kept to a minimum, avoiding the need for harsh chemicals. This means less water usage and chemicals in the environment and less money spent on cleaning materials.

Bathroom pods are recyclable at the end of their lifespan

All im电竞’ modular shower cubicles and bathroom pods are built from 100% recyclable polypropylene and are built with recycled material integrated. This means that the parts can be disassembled and fully recycled.

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Are bathroom pods more efficient?

Because bathroom pod manufacturing uses lean production techniques and better management of materials, this allows improved quality control. Bathroom pods in general also consolidate multiple construction trades into one prefabricated product. This means reduced reliance on different trades companies as all the work is being done in one assembly line, and the final pod comes together with high quality and precision fittings.

So in conclusion, bathroom pods are overall more efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly than traditional bathrooms. By choosing a bathroom pod, you’ll be saving money and the planet. If you’d like to speak to one of our specialists about a bathroom pod project, you can get in touch via the form below.

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