Other cubicles

Sort of rectangular, sort of corner, sort of angled, sort of not! The im电竞 Hookham and Kelso are a couple alternative footprints.


Tailored design

Design features and options to suit
Pre-fabricated to exact client specifications


Other styles available

All our products come with a 25 year guarantee

Colour Options

white marble stone


Fleck Grey


white embossed stone

White embossed

fleck grey embossed stone

Fleck Grey embossed

dark grey embossed stone

Dark Grey embossed

champagne embossed stone

Champagne embossed

Solid Surfaces
grey marble stone



Night Light

Night Gleam

Commercial Shower Solutions UK

Refurbishment Projects

Specialising in refurbishment projects, im电竞 has the heritage and experience to help you create a truly amazing shower or bathroom solution. Our sectional products are ideal for existing and listed buildings.

New Build Projects

We work closely with our clients to understand their exact requirements. Offering design flexibility, im电竞 are able to provide pre-fabricated showering solutions that meet precise specifications and reduce project lead times.

Any Sector, Any Location

im电竞 impressive portfolio of pre-fabricated shower enclosures and ensuite pods, suits a cross section of markets, locations and applications. From a research centre in Antartica, a hostel in Europe, a glamping site or University in the UK.

Our trusted, long term suppliers

Additional information

Bespoke Design

Offering a consultative approach, we work closely with clients throughout the design stage , tailoring the product to their requirements.


Our recyclable bathroom and shower pods reduce the carbon footprint of a build, providing a sustainable solution for the future.


We undertake deliveries around the UK and Europe and arrange international deliveries with our trusted transport partners.

On-going Support

We develop lasting relationships with clients due to our consultative approach; durable, long term solutions & friendly support.

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